Tuesday  ramblings.

The last time I  blogged was August, which actually isn’t too bad – I thought that it was going to be way, way longer than that – considering how this year has been. How has this year been for you? Im sitting here at the kitchen counter (my new office space) and decompressing. I feel like I need to do that a lot lately, not from stress, just from the speed of life which I am very much trying to slow down.  I feel like when people talk about a slower life, people interpret that as a lazier lifestyle, I dont think that’s possible when you have kids. For me, its about being intentional with my TIME because that is the thing that I can’t get more of no matter how much I try. There has been a small pull in me for a while now, to look at things, how I run my business, see what works, what doesn’t. What serves US as a family and what doesn’t  it. This last year has taught me that there is no point in a 5 year plan because we don’t know what the next 5 months hold. We have now.


I want to be as intentional with my time as possible. I’m learning to give myself plenty of buffer space around the diary because I no longer want every day to be FULL, I want breathing space for me and the boys. And, I’ve realised that I can have that, I just need to learn to say NO, so I can say YES.  Does anyone else feel that? Do you feel like you should say no, when you’ve just said yes? i’m slowing learning to trust that intuition and not be scared of saying no to work, which seems a crazy concept. But the flip side of that coin is that I say yes to something that doesn’t work for the family and then it gets stressful and we ain’t big fans of stress in this house.

This was my 10th year of working for myself. My 10th season of weddings. Covid kind of took the shine off that one, but I’m still going to celebrate. Because 10 years of a business, repeat clients, creating a brand that people respect is damn worth celebrating!! So here is to year 10! Saying No and trusting my instinct.

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