I met Niki last year. We actually spoke online first before we met, she was a photographer and through Instagram our paths had crossed. We both lived in Leeds,  had little boys of a similar age so decided to meet for a coffee, to talk shop, running a business whilst being mums. Sometimes you don’t know how it’s going to be when you meet someone online in real life – it’s always a bit like dating 😉 But, I shouldn’t have been worried with Niki, I liked her instantly.

family cuddle portrait


Sometimes it feels like you meet someone and you’ve known them forever. That’s how we are – chatting for ages about anything and everything. Our porch drop off are never short and we both got fined for outstaying our welcome in the car park which had a pretty lengthy spell, whilst we chatted over hot chocolates in a cafe 😉 I’ve always said it, but this photography life, this little camera I use, has introduced me to some really brilliant people.


parents and son


I met Niki with her husband and son, Atticus (love his name) a few weeks ago in the evening when the sun was lovely and low. We walked through tall grasses and I had the pleasure of documenting them. Can you believe this is one of the first times in 3 years she has been on a shoot with her boys!


dad and son photography laughing family picture son thrown in the air family cuddle picture relaxed family pictures toddler photoshoot lifestyle family shoot mum and son cuddles walking through grass holding mums hand cuddles in blanket family portrait blurred image laughing mum giggles smiles highfives family laughing lifestyle family portrait cuddles in grass couple portrait laughing toddler mummy kisses couple portrait leg and a wing laughing leg and a wing family walk large tree walking in the field leg and a wing mum cuddles mum and son mum and son mum and son walking mum and son

There are SO many favourites I have from this session, so much with energy, love and beauty. Giggles and slow moments together, a pretty true reflection of parenthood ( not including the tantrum and tears) and I know that all sounds cliche but it’s true.

We don’t get this time back, we don’t get to hold them like this forever. One day they’ll be grown and to big for us to carry. Please make sure that you get in the frame. Please let them see you with them. How much you love them. How they used to kiss your nose. How you could throw them in the air. How they sat on your hip with ease. Please, please, get in the frame. As they say, we won’t know the moments until they’re gone.