So, last week I promised you eye candy  and I couldn’t think of a better wedding to start with than Dave and Becky’s wedding.

They got married at Low Farm in May and it really was a fabulous day. The farm is a working one ran by husband and wife team, Duncan and   Claire  who hire the venue out, also known as weddings and wellies. I honestly could not recommend a better team to work with. They were organised, attentive and some genuinely all round fabulous people!

Dave and Becky are both the creative type, and I knew that the details of the day  would be brilliant. When I arrived at the house the girls were starting with hair and makeup, a nice relaxed morning, laughing, popping champagne and getting ready for the day that lie ahead.Dave-and-Becky-+site-7Dave-and-Becky-+site-3Becky’s dress was hand made for her at Paradise Grove Bridal shop in Leeds, and it was absolutely stunning. So elegant and chic. Instead of a bouquet, a delicate corsage was opted for instead. Dave-and-Becky-+site-18 Dave-and-Becky-+site-14Dave-and-Becky-+site-11 Dave-and-Becky-+site-42Dave-and-Becky-+site-39 Dave-and-Becky-+site-48 Dave-and-Becky-+site-56Becky looked simply stunning in her dress! Dave-and-Becky-+site-60Up at the farm the guests were arriving and settling in to some champagne and some hot horderves. Dave-and-Becky-+site-82 Dave-and-Becky-+site-98 Dave-and-Becky-+site-100Guests were told to bring umbrellas and wellies just in case the weather turned. Which for a while it did. But it was a great excuse to get the welllies on show. Dave-and-Becky-+site-168 Dave-and-Becky-+site-108 Dave-and-Becky-+site-111A wee dram before his bride arrives 😉Dave-and-Becky-+site-114Becky arrived at the ceremony in nothing else but a tractor! I like things a little different. Dave-and-Becky-+site-123 Dave-and-Becky-+site-126 Dave-and-Becky-+site-127Their ceremony was a humanist, and was beautiful. Very personal,and I loved the fact that they faced their guests. Dave-and-Becky-+site-131 Dave-and-Becky-+site-135 Dave-and-Becky-+site-147 Dave-and-Becky-+site-148 Dave-and-Becky-+site-157 Dave-and-Becky-+site-159 Dave-and-Becky-+site-160 Dave-and-Becky-+site-163 Dave-and-Becky-+site-164 Dave-and-Becky-+site-176 Dave-and-Becky-+site-180 Dave-and-Becky-+site-188This screams Yeo Valley at me! Dave-and-Becky-+site-190 Dave-and-Becky-+site-193 Dave-and-Becky-+site-197 Dave-and-Becky-+site-201 Dave-and-Becky-+site-202Dave-and-Becky-+site-95Dave and Becky played on part of their surnames as a theme for the day ‘Ham’ & ‘Egg’ and made personalised favour bags for each of their guests. Dave-and-Becky-+site-69 Dave-and-Becky-+site-73 Dave-and-Becky-+site-72 Dave-and-Becky-+site-71 Dave-and-Becky-+site-86The speeches were great fun. Plenty of Love, laughter and maybe a little tear…Dave-and-Becky-+site-208 Dave-and-Becky-+site-218 Dave-and-Becky-+site-220 Dave-and-Becky-+site-224 Dave-and-Becky-+site-225 Dave-and-Becky-+site-232 Dave-and-Becky-+site-260 Dave-and-Becky-+site-247 Dave-and-Becky-+site-271 Dave-and-Becky-+site-262 Dave-and-Becky-+site-251The marquee looked great when it started to get darker. As the evening guests arrived the music started and the dancefloor did what any self respected wedding reception does – got busy!!! Dave-and-Becky-+site-280 Dave-and-Becky-+site-281 Dave-and-Becky-+site-285 Dave-and-Becky-+site-286 Dave-and-Becky-+site-290These are literally just a few of my favourites from the day. I had SO many. If you want to see more of their wedding head to the featured section in the portfolio area of  my new website where you can see more!

Dress: Paradise Grove

Makeup/hair: Brittany Jae Lamb

Venue: Low Farm. Weddings and Wellies