When I started out   I didn’t know hardly anyone nearby in the photography world, so I looked for other peers online. I would quite happily sit at my office desk at the time and when it was quite log on and read through  all the blogs. I actually started reading from the beginning for a few of them and became obsessed. I loved it when they updated and would wait everyday for it so I could have a good read. I loved it. In a way, these blogs inspired and gave me drive to start my own thing and turn the little hobby I had into a business. I learnt techniques from them, got ideas and learned the flow of a business – they were a bit of a lifeline to be honest. Over time I watched the people grow as business owners as well, and I was amazed at what they were producing. I still am!

Along the years the list has grown and changed, but there is a list that I still go to – who I love to devour even more now, because my time is precious I know that I  want to spend it reading some good stuff.

So let me share you my list with you. It’s not huge, but I love it.

Jasmine Star. I literally read every blog she ever wrote. I’ve followed her from the beginning to where she is now and I’ve seen her grow. I even met her at a conference in Stockholm! Jasmine started as a photographer but is now a brand strategist.

Jose Villa. Jose is a master of fine art. A master of film and everything that he shoots is so dreamy. He isn’t a man of many words on his blog, but in all honesty he doesn’t need to. His shots are dead on – every time.

Promise Tangerman. Promise is hands down one of the most creative people I follow. She just seems so in-tune with herself that you cant help but want to feel as edgy for yourself. She is also a master at design. She runs her own digital design company which always delivers!

Jenna Kutcher. Jenna is my latest find and I love her. She’s ace. She’s super normal, knows how to run a killer business and has just had a little girl. She used to be a wedding photographer and is now a business guru. She is definitely one for your hit list.

Kara Layne. A mother to 5 and her and her husband both run their own businesses and home school. So on days where I don’t know how I’ll find the time – this is the women I get some inspo from! Her design work is super modern and fresh, and her newsletters always give you the little boost that you need.

Happy Thursday guys! Who do you look for, for online inspo? I’d love to hear! x

Natasha x