So with what feels like literally yesterday, we are nearly at 6 months with our favourite human. Ezra. This kid is making me smile 

He’s found his toes and thinks they are incredible. And his hands are currently a thing of amazement to him. Which to be fair – they are pretty impressive.

Ezra seems to be a breeze. He’s laid back and taking his milestones with ease, I know I’m his mum and so, SO biased but he’s seriously one of the  sweetest people I’ve met. That being said, it’s me that is having to learn to adapt. Not so much with him and our day-to-day but with work and running a business.

For years I’ve been able to run my ship at my own pace. Go all out when I need to and pull the reigns back when I wanted. But now, that luxury is gone and I’m learning all over again how to manage my time and keep things running effectively with a newborn in tow. But, I follow so many inspiring women online and have such a fabulous network of women who have been juggling the two successfully for way longer than me, that I feel all isn’t lost and in truth it actually excites me.

I’m learning how to use my time WAY more effectively which means an even better service for my couples and clients. I’m  realising the pitfalls and working through the  obstacles that come up for us creatives which has my mind working in overtime for solutions. So even though I haven’t been as active on here as I would have wanted to be, stay with me. I’m coming back. It’s taken nearly 6 months but I’m nearly here and honestly I think it’s going to be the best its been. Are you a mum and business owner? I’d love to know how you’re making things work and what you find you could need help with.