Well today through us a curveball! On Sunday night we ended up in A&E with Ezra, after a full day with Jims family, taking a short walk and dinner together, Ez hadn’t been his super chirpy self and his breath was laboured. It’s hard in these situations to know if you’re being a hypochondriac or doing the right think. Ever since our bronchiolitis situation at 5 weeks old I definitely find it easier to air on the side of caution. After a few phone-calls at bedtime with 111 we decided to go to A&E and turns out he has a chest & an ear infection. Poor little man. But, we’ve had a day of antibiotics, 3 rounds of The Secret Life of Pets, an inhaler, plenty of books, playing and a lot of sleeping and he already seems like the Ez we know and love.

Life work balance

Why am I telling you this whole situation? I’m not sure really.Part of me I suppose wants to connect with other mums who are running businesses. It’s easy to look at social media ( I know, cliché, but it’s true) and everyone seems to be nailing it all, and sometime I feel like I’m not. I  would love to know more about how people balance work/family life and what questions they have to ask? Can we help each other and navigate these seasons more easily. What systems do you have in place? Because that’s where I’m laser focusing my energy. My business by the end of January is going to be so organised that Jim could step in my shoes and know exactly what is going on and what is happening where! So, if you are a mum running your own thing, full-time, part-time, however – what would make your life easier in regards to running it all. On the face of it and behind the scenes? Or, what do you feel you are doing already that really works?

I’ll admit sometimes I’ve wondered if the balance is too much, but deep down I know that running my own business makes me tick and I want to show Ezra a different way of living. Being creative and earning a business with your own creativity. Sure, it’s not always easy, absolutely not always easy actually. Nothing is guaranteed. But, it is possible. I’ve worked for companies since I was young and thoroughly enjoyed myself – I’ve made some of my lifelong friends there. But, for me, working for myself is the thing that suits me best. But this year, my 9th year of working for myself it’s got me wanting to dig deeper and really thrive and help my fellow peers as well.

Are you a mum/dad who works for themselves? How do you keep the balance? Or what would you like to keep the balance? Asking for a friend 😉 

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