This morning in the gym I was working out  between two other women. To be honest I was watching what they were doing as I had arm envy and wanted to copy and get wing free limbs like theirs. Whilst I was there I actually thought about this post and I realised how sharing and learning from each other is the best thing. If we can learn from each other it’s going to make us all better!

This week I’m sharing my before and afters from the ceremony, where quite a lot of the the time lighting can be a little tricky and you’re restricted to your positions. This is definitely the time during the day that I can be mostly cranking up  the ISO so I’m not having to fire out flash and be distracting.

So take  a little look as I said in last weeks post, when I showed the bridal prep pictures I don’t do too much in post processing. Exposure, bring back the highlights and a little bit of clarity. If you have any questions or any tips feel free to leave them in the comment box.

*What I will add is that I took out the fire exit sign to make it look better.  Which I will do wherever I can if it’s needed*


5DMk3 ISO 1600 | F1.6 | 35MM | 1/125

Faye RAW (2 of 13)FayeandTomsWeddingMiddletonLodge-254

5DMk3 ISO 1600 | F1.6 | 35MM | 1/125

Faye RAW (1 of 13)FayeandTomsWeddingMiddletonLodge-233

5DMk3 ISO 1600 | F1.8 | 35MM | 1/100

Faye RAW (4 of 13)FayeandTomsWeddingMiddletonLodge-265

5DMk3 ISO 2000 | F1.6 | 35MM | 1/125

Faye RAW (10 of 13)


5DMk3 ISO 2000 | F1.6 | 35MM | 1/125

Faye RAW (9 of 13)FayeandTomsWeddingMiddletonLodge-303

5DMk3 ISO 400 | F2.8 | 35MM | 1/400

Faye RAW (13 of 13)FayeandTomsWeddingMiddletonLodge-339