Over the last weeks here and here I’ve been talking about sharing how I shoot. I’ve gone through the morning preparation and the ceremony and today I’m showing you various images from the reception. I think sometimes we can look at other people work and have no clue how they got there, or what kind of settings they are using.

There is no magic as such. It’s practice and hard work. I’m happy to have images that are not crazy different from in camera as they are when I hand them over to clients. I feel that shooting manually allows me to be in complete control of everything for each scene.

So here are a few in cameras with their edited images below. As always I use a simple formula of a little exposure increase and highlight reduction and sometimes a little warmth. I’d love to know how other people work as well.

Happy Tuesday Tips 😉

ISO 400 35mm | F2.8 | 1/640

FAYE (5 of 16)FayeandTomsWeddingMiddletonLodge-386

ISO 500 | F.2.8 | 1/320 35mm

FAYE (9 of 16)FayeandTomsWeddingMiddletonLodge-522

ISO 500 | F.2.8 | 35mm | 1/320

FAYE (10 of 16)FayeandTomsWeddingMiddletonLodge-531

ISO 500 | F.2.8 | 35mm | 1/320

FAYE (13 of 16)



ISO 400 | F.2.5 | 35mm | 1/1250FAYE (1 of 16)FayeandTomsWeddingMiddletonLodge-216

ISO 400 | F.2.8 | 35mm | 1/500

FAYE (2 of 16)FayeandTomsWeddingMiddletonLodge-357

ISO 400 | F1.6 | 50mm | 1/125

FAYE (7 of 16)



ISO 1000 | F2.5 | 35mm | 1/50FAYE (15 of 16)FayeandTomsWeddingMiddletonLodge-632  ISO 400 | F1.6| 50mm | 1/100