Life right now feels busy. We are 2 and half weeks to our wedding! We’ve started an extension. Finalising our honeymoon and planning for a trip for Jim’s sisters wedding (my new sister- in- law!) I would love to say that I’ve held my sh*t together the whole time, but I would be seriously lying. I’ve had meltdown’s in Ikea over candles. Yes. That’s a real thing. Tried my dress on and it’s been tight. Cried over miscommunication with our build. Woke up in the early hours thinking of where to seat people. And I’m finally at the stage now – bar a few tiny bits that needs completing – getting to a stage where I can breath again. Or look at candles again without having a meltdown.

So – my brides and grooms planning weddings – I feel you. I get. I own the meltdown T-shirt.

But I’m committed to the next 2.5 weeks being all about the fun. Because this month I’m getting married.  This month people!!!