Do you want to know one thing that I really, really battle with? It’s getting my picture taken. I don’t do well with it. Taking others people, yes please, that’s my bag. But mine.Nope. No thank you.  However, I have also come to the conclusion that I cannot let it stop me from having my picture taken or else I’ll never actually have a visual history. Already on some holidays – you would never know I was there!  But, I’m going to keep challenging myself to become comfortable with all the flaws I see. The more I do this, the  more it helps me connect with the people in front of my lens. Knowing what feels uncomfortable allows me to erase that, or ease that for them in our shoots. And plus, I’m pretty sure that when I’m 90 I’ll look back on myself now (like we all will) and wish I’d had been a little easier on myself.

Manchester 2016.