This by far is now my most regular type of post – our lockdown. But, I kind of think that this is actually in part a new type of normal, for us anyhow. So I’m documenting this time and blogging about it more than ever because honestly, the days really are getting blurred when  think back on them.

home photography

The days seem to pretty much on repeat. We do exercise in the morning, tidy up, have lunch at then go for a walk. Or we’re the garden pottering and playing.  Ultimately we’re living super slow, but we don’t seem to stop which I cant quite figure out how that is happening  – oh  yeah –  two kids!

We’ve had awesome weather this week so Jim  made Ezra a slip & slide out of some tarpaulin. We logged loads of wood and I planted some of my veg – we already have strawberries coming out and flowers on the courgettes!

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We’ve been on quite a few new local walks which has been good because doing the same one all the time gets kind of boring.

Ive started working on a new project about documenting time with the family. Right now it’s just about time at home with the kids but I want to open it -when we can- to grandparents and other interactions between family.

I finished my book – Where the Crawdads Sing – and it was one of those that you don’t want to finish because you want it to keep going.  Like you’ve really gotten to know somebody. I loved it. But I’ve got my next one all lined up – Little fires everywhere – so I’ll let you know how I get on with that.

Ive actually been getting to see my parents near enough weekly because Ive been dropping food off for them with Dad being in his 70’s and mum having ataxia. It’s a strange thing not being able to stop for a brew though or give them a hug when I’m there. But thats the message at the moment, which hopefully wont be for too much longer.

What I am though is bored of our food setup. We’re eating super healthy but it’s just the same old meals so I’m trying to look for new meals, because it’s not like we don’t have the time.

This week my focus apart from the kids, is to get a wedding blog up – because I have so many beauties still to share from last year. Start working on my project and make sure I practice self care and replant a new plant that my neighbour gave me. Oh and I’m also starting my porch portrait sessions so keep and eye out for them.

Tasha x