It’s sometimes easy to convince yourself you don’t want an engagement shoot, but I can honestly say you won’t regret it. It’s one thing when planning my own wedding that we did, and I (we) loved it. Here are a few reasons why are:

  •  Time together. It’s so easy, so so easy to plan a wedding and allow it to take over. You can easily end up finding that you are planning everything yourself  or that the time you are spending together is just wedding talk, which let’s just say it how it is – can put a dampener on things. You need to take some time out together. Having an engagement shoot is the perfect excuse to get dressed up, spend some time together, kiss and get some pictures of a time in your life that is really, really lovely.*** After I posted this,one of my loveliest brides reminded me of  little something else. Having a shoot together is FUN!!! And you get to go somewhere that can be really special to you both! Take a look at Chris’s and Catherine’s here.***

reasons to have an engagement shoot

  •  Camera Time. Not many people are actually that comfortable in front of the camera. To some, it comes naturally, to others – not so much. So meeting in a spot that you love, being dressed up and letting someone bring out the best in you makes all the difference. Plus you get to have a few new FB profile pictures (that you love) – and who doesn’t like that?!! The response I get back from couples when they see their pictures is brilliant. Seeing how they might have felt, to how they look makes it worth it.



  •  Know your photographer. Sure you love you photographer, that’s why you booked them, but seeing them at work can be something quite different. That natural style you love, might actually  have more posing behind the scenes. Or, it may involve no direction/talking/ interaction at all. Either way, getting to know your photographer and the way they work with their in and camera before your day, just gives you a bit a heads up and fills you with even more confidence, which lets you relax even more. Win. Win.


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