So it’s apparent now, that I need these post’s to remember what week of lockdown we are on 😉 ! I’m finding it quite amusing how the days are literally all blending together. I don’t think I could give you a break down of every day any more, just how the week panned out in general Maybe a need a little more routine to change that. Or maybe not. Ha.

Lockdown photographygarden life

 newborn photography at home

Garden photography


I think we’re all becoming quite accustomed to everything now. We’ve finally got a rhythm sorted with our food – like everyone else we see to be consuming so much more than before and it was costing a fortune. But we’ve now sourced local veg shop and deli to supply meat, to we only need to nip out for snacks really.

Heaney and mill sunday lunch

craig and rose fresh plaster

yoga with babies

stay at homebaby photography

The weather has continued to be brilliant, so we have been spending pretty much all of our time outside. I’m  mostly under shade because I’m with Otto, but the boys are loving the sun. My garden time is best in the evening, dinner has been cooked and put away and Ezra is in bed, then Jim takes Otto for me and I get out and do some gardening. Ive decided this year my garden is going to look good, I’m not overlooking any part of it. I’m fed up of making excuses why it’s messy, this year I wont have any. So my weeds are being taken care of and the veg plot is back in action. Ive also planted a load of sweet peas which I’m really hoping will take!

trampoline in the kitchenhome allotmentbaby smiles baking at home

I think Ezra has already outgrown his paddling pool so the next item on the list is to upgrade is pool size. In fact, us both being at home more and with the good wether we’ve realised that we need to make a  garden plan, for what we need with the children and where everything needs to be placed. We need to create a functional and fun garden, with flexibility to eat inside or out but without feeling messy!

Cherry blossom

We’ve decided to get the Whisky snug back up and running, more now into a summer house, because let’s be honest, my days ( for now) of whisky sipping at the bottom of the garden are a little bit on hold. 😉

I hope everyones week has been good and most importantly that everyone is staying safe.