On Monday my parents celebrated 47 years of being married. 4-7 years! It’s crazy to think they have been together that long. Me and Jim have been together 10 years, so I’ve been trying to put into perspective how 47 must feel. I’m non ashamed to brag on my parents – I absolutely love them. Always have – always will. They have definitely shown me what a marriage is and how one works. It isn’t a you’re wrong  – I’m right situation, money makes you happy, one-sided or a prison. It’s a space that needs constant attention, which changes as you go into different stages of life.  My parents are in the next season of their life, we’ve all grown up, left the nest and started our own families. My mum’s health has taken a bit of a bashing, that she’s absolutely doing great at changing and my dad has become the sole caretaker of the house because of it. But that’s love and that’s what a marriage is, building a place where you have layers of trust, care, love, help, patience and encouragement for each other. In fact I think that’s just the tip of iceberg its way more than that – that’s just the stuff you need on a good day 😉

I know everyone has their own experience of their parents marriage but I am truly lucky to have seen first hand and still see, a dedicated partnership. Two people on the same team. In love. Mum and Dad, Happy 47th anniversary, I’ve realised that I don’t have half as many pictures of you recently tas I should have, so Ive included one from our holiday a few years ago. One of the best 4 days away I’ve had. xxx

I thought it would be fun to have them answer a few questions, on their take on a long and happy marriage. I asked them both individually to see how their answers would turn out..
Q1. When did you meet?
D – We met in the summer of ’71.
M- Summer 1971
Q1. How did you meet?
D – By mistake.I wasn’t meant to meet anyone,I already had a girl to meet.
M – At my mums guest house.
** They did meet at my grandmas guest house. But,dad was supposed to be taking another girl out. But, he never ended meeting her and he took mum out instead!** 
Q3. What did you think when you first saw him/her?
D – I thought she was very attractive.
M – That he was good-looking, had lovely eyes and gentle spirit.
Q4. What do you think are the ingredients for a long and happy marriage?
D – Humor. To be able to trust each other and work well together. Be solely committed to your wife through good and bad, and be good company together.
M – To be able to talk open and honestly. Trust and faithfulness with one another. Remembering always that special  something that makes you both ‘tick’! (You either have it or you don’t)
Q5. Would you have done anything different?
D – We always wanted to travel together, but we had to wait for the family to grow up first. But, we stil had lot’s of good times even though we didn’t go abroad a lot.
M – No.
Q6. What do you remember best from your wedding day?
D – Standing all by myself and promising to look after this girl, who I was about to make my wife. We had a great day in regards to the wedding day itself.
M – Actually marrying the person I wanted to be with SO much.
** On the wedding day my dad stood alone, with no family in the church as he was based in Ireland during the troubles **
Q7. What do you love about each other?
D – There are many ways to answer this question, but I would say accepting ones differences and being the best you can be for each other.
M – His faithfulness to me and his caring heart.And, the fact that we still enjoy each other company.
Q8. What is the best thing about marriage?
D – I would say bed and breakfast {insert him laughing here}. And, having someone to share real life and decisions with.
M – Always being together. And, being there for one another in all circumstances.
Q9. What advice would you pass to others?
D – Make sure you can say – We might not have it all together. But, together we have it all.
M – Staying committed and faithful to each other and putting one another first – before anyone else.
Q10. What does the word marriage mean to you?
D – To me its a powerful statement, meaning your fully committed to each other.
M – Commitment and to honor one another.
Q11. What does the word love mean to you?
D – The word love is a doing word, not just a word to be spoken lightly. Love will keep you when other things in life come against you.
M – Having that special something in your heart for someone,that goes beyond feelings.
Q12. Am I your favourite child?
D – sometimes { again, insert a laugh}
M – You know not to ask me that!!!!