5 accessories to bring to a branding shoot.

You’re all booked in for you shoot – you have your outfits that are going to make you feel confident and reflect your personality but you want that little something extra, maybe to add for ever green content or to  share more about what it is that you do – so what can you bring with you to your shoot?

A few ideas could be:

What do you sell?

An obvious one if you have a tangible product – cake, flowers, makeup artist, artist, maker, photographer. But if you are a service based business with no tangible product, think of the things that you might send out to a client as touch points.You may have personal tote bags for your clients. Business cards, gifts, leaflets or digital material you send out so clients etc.

5 accessories to bring to a branding shoot.

Tools of the Trade.

As a photographer an easy one for me would be my camera. If I was a baker I could bring a rolling pin – my apron, my rolling pan, spatular. As a standard if you use a laptop in your business that would work great along side your mobile phone.

5 accessories to bring to a branding shoot.

A personable item.

Branding shoots are about your customer getting to know you more so make it personable by bringing something that is you. A book, fresh flowers, a bag, your favourite magazine – the list goes on.

5 accessories to bring to a branding shoot.


Stationary is a great way of adding a bit of your personality with evergreen material and to reinforce your brand with style and colours.

5 accessories to bring to a branding shoot.

Planning ahead.

In business we always have milestones to get to and goals to smash! So maybe thing about a future goal that you will want to talk about with your audience. A trip that you have booked as a reward – your lastest book going number one? Getting a new client, something to celebrate with bubbly? Think of the ways in which these image are going to be used and create for the times ahead.

The main thing is to not over think it, bring what you can, and alway – always have fun! 

;5 accessories to bring to a branding shoot.

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