6 ways to feel confident for your branding shoot.

Everyone says that you’re the face of the brand and that you have to get in front of the camera and be seen and I actually agree with that. But, how do you get comfortable with being comfortable in front of the camera?  Ive wrestled with this for some time. You might not think it because now I post pictures of me quite often, but there was definitely a period of time when I was firmly behind the lens and was not showing up too often. I used the usual  default settings, makeup not done, hair needs attention, need to drop some lb’s, what will people of think of me, I don’t want people to think that I’m self indulgent  because I’m having my photo taken, I don’t like my teeth, I don’t like my smiles, I don’t photograph well, I’m awkward, I’ll use what I have for now, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the time, I need new clothes.

Does any of the above sound familiar? I know it will do. So how do we change the narrative? How do we step up to the lens and feel confident?

First we nee to change the story. And the story is that you do need to be seen and as you are right now – is totally fine. If you do want to get new clothes, hair done, nails done drop a few lb’s, fine – that’s for you to choose – but don’t let it be the reason to stop you showing up!

Let’s look at some practical ways you can start to feel confident in front of the camera.

6 ways to feel confident for your branding shoot

Look at yourself. 

We shy away from actually doing this, but looking at ourselves and seeing how we feel good in the way we look at certain angles gives us confidence. So get in front of your longest mirror and try out different stages, with your arms, legs and posture. See what feels comfortable and bring that to shoot day. Remember, no one is here to judge you at all or make you feel daft. Your photographer wants to help bring out the best in you.

6 ways to feel confident for your branding shoot

Wear something comfortable

It doesn’t matter if it is the oldest thing in your wardrobe, if it makes you feel good. Take a look at your brand, then look at your wardrobe. Take a mix of clothes out, try them on and see what feels good then work through the combinations until you find the dream duo – comfortable and on point for your brand.

6 ways to feel confident for your branding shoot

Get prepared.

Before your shoot, get everything organised that you are going to need. Because being flustered on the day of your shoot will get you out of flow and you want to come to the shoot feeling confident and prepared. But, even if you do get flustered before hand, take a minute, take a breath and remember that you and your photographer have the same goal to make you feel awesome and give you some mega images to use, so let them know how you are feeling.

6 ways to feel confident for your branding shoot

Ignore the looks

A lot of the time you may be doing your branding shoot out in public  – where there are other humans that might look at you! 😉 I know that it may feel like that are looking and judging but 9 times out of ten they are just having a nosey and DO NOT CARE. Remember, you are showing up for you. Try and ignore other people, stay in your zone and let your confidence shine, even if you dont feel it. Your photography will always be there to encourage you stay focused with them and you’ll be fine.

6 ways to feel confident for your branding shoot


I love a plan and I love me a Pinterest board. Whenever I am planning a shoot I go to Pinterest to create  a mood and feel of how I want things to go and ideas to recreate. I aint ashamed to say I do not invent the wheel each shoot. I take inspiration from what I see online along with my past shoots and bring them together to form a vision. Do the same for your self, go online see what kind of looks you would like and speak to your photographer. Then get granular and look at the poses in the images and go back to point 1 and see yourself doing them in the mirror. Better still combine point 1 & 2 together and see that whole show in action – trust me, do the rehearsal first and them on shoot day you will so much better equipped. Here is a link to one of my boards that I use for branding shoots.

Say it. 

Get yourself in zone with some affirmations. Be positive. Be kind to yourself. Try a few of these:

I accept myself

I am a priority

I am confident

I believe in myself and my capabilities


If you would like to book yourself a branding shoot, let have a cuppa and talk things over. You can contact me here. Or, If you would like to see more shoots and get a feel of things you can browse more of the blog