The days and weeks are so blurred right now that I missed out my week 5 by total accident, but, I can assure the week definitely  happened. Exactly what we did, is a little bit harder to recount but it also coincided with me thinking Otto was 9 weeks, but nope, he’s turned 10!

So how’s everyone coping? We’re doing ok. Taking each day as it comes. We’re going on lot’s of walks and trying to keep to some sort of routine. I’ve been sticking to my morning yoga as much as possible, sure Ive missed a few days, but on the whole I’m keeping it going and it feels good to be getting to  the point where Its naturally my main morning focus, after sorting the boys. I’ve also ditched coffee, I’ve literally had 2 coffees in the last 6 weeks and instead have been drinking Cacao. Not every morning, but when I want or need that little boost. My good friend had been trying it and was loving the results and so I thought I would switch, partly because I  was a getting a few headaches which don’t happen any more, and I’m with her – I love it.

baby and cat newborn photography

The garden is becoming one of our main focuses,  like most people. For years I’ve honestly felt like the focus of it has been all mine, but now we’re all  in it most days, it’s becoming something that we are both taking an interest in and know we need to put some effort into. So I’m diligently weeding and taking care of the plants and between us we’re trying to plan where we should eating/sitting and relaxing areas.

watermelon where the crawdads sing

My craving for creativity hit an all time peak at the weekend. At one point I had my laptop open trying to make amendments to my website, drawn cactuses on the table that I want to cut into felt shapes for the mobile I’m trying to make for Otto’s room, pieces of cut wood and doweling on the grass for the play gym I’m making, a list on my pad about a little project that I want to start on instagram, my sourdough starter sitting on the radiator and my book on the side that I wanted to try and finish!! I mean come on, talk about all the gear no idea. I swear, my super power is planning and idea grouping – execution is where I REALLY need to focus. So, instead of trying to do it all I’m writing lists that I can break down and put into bite size pieces.

walk in the woods rhodedendron walk in the woods mum and newborn photography


So  this week, I’m going to start small and finish the play gym first!! I wish I had 10 of me sometimes so I could execute everything that I want to do.

We also took Ezra to Ezra to one of our favourite woods and he loved it. I made a little video, which is a tad tricky with a wriggly baby on the front but it’s fine, you have to use what you have sometime.

Hope everyone is keeping well & staying safe.