99 problems but an  idea ain’t one.

The theme to my life right now. The last few days seem just to have just been me, filling my time by being bust but not really feeling like I’ve been finishing anything. I seem to be avoiding actually getting my head down to complete a single task by flipping to something else that has caught my eye.

We already joked over dinner how this week was going to be a crazy week with everything that I have planned. Baking cakes. Calligraphy sessions. Hours of Yoga. Re-branding. Setting up an online shop. Workshops. Meetings. Shoots. Lunches with friends. Starting a second business with Jim – and a possible third. Shall  I go on? 

I’ve been sat on the sofa for the last hour and have switched between 4 books already. I’ll be quite honest, I’ve feeling over whelmed. Massively. Plus, I’m doing a dry Jan and am going to take myself off crisps for the remainder of the month because the scales on Monday told me the news I’d been putting of wanting to know. So hows your weekend going???


I think I’m going to  sit back, grab another book, a notepad now and write a humongous list of everything that needs to be done. But I’m sure we’re all in the same boat – it’s not just me.  So I’m going to leave this here and maybe when I check  in next week I’ll have a few of those jobs ticked off.


All in all the first week of 2017 has been good. If a few jobs on my list are my biggest worry right now, then I’ll take it. Have a fab week ahead friends. xx