The other night we sat down and watched a new Netflix series called Street Food, I am partial to a little food watch but he only downside is that you end up  eating whilst you view because the food looks so damn good! Anyhow, this particular series was focused on Eastern street food and the lives and passions of those that who were cooking. Their stories were so far from perfect, actually quite a lot of struggle but their food was what had actually taken most of them through the hardest times of their lives and brought them the most joy.

The effort and dedication they put into their craft was insane and quite admirable to be honest.  Keeping true to traditions,  their food really was a labour of love and  whilst I was watching  it, it really started me thinking about places I wanted to go to and things that I want to do as a family. Not even crazy big things,  just stuff  lovely life stuff. Everyday beautifulness. I appreciate so much how much choice I have to make this happen as well, which is something I never want to be casual about and take for granted

Home cooking, middleton lodge food

. So here is my little list. It’s not huge it’s crazy but I want to make myself do it – and add to it.

  1. Try a new destination, either  in the UK or abroad.
  2. Try one new recipe every-month, cooked entirely from scratch.
  3. Grow my own vegetables
  4. I want to shoot for a book. I really want to this.
  5. Host an alfresco dinner
  6. I want a family shoot in front of Rhododendrons
  7. Perfect my passatta –  – Come faceva la nonna
  8. Get back into Yoga. I want to be able to headstand this year
  9. Get lost in books
  10. Do a surprise for someone every-month, for no other reason that to make them feel good.

I told you it wasn’t crazy at all.But I’m not really to bothered for crazy any more, I just want to enjoy all my days. Dream big for sure, but I want to enjoy all my time. What things do you have for the year? Or the month? Is there one thing you’d like to do?