If you ever extend a casual invitation for us to join you on holiday, be warned, there is a very strong chance that we will. Getting on a jet plane and travelling  anywhere is one thing that me and Jim love to do. We love it even more when our destination has some of  our best friends waiting for us.  Last Tuesday we went to Spain and joined our amigos for the last few days of their holiday. Yes – you could say we gate crashed.Calella-5 Calella-6 Calella-7 Calella-10

Jim and Laura actually spent quite a few years holidaying here together as kids. Their parents have been friends since before they were born. It was nice for us to share the memories from their years before, at the same time creating new ones of our own. Having time off is fabulous anywhere, but add people who you love into the mix with blue sea and sun drenched days and things just become that much sweeter. Calella-9 Calella-11 Calella-3 Calella-2 Calella-14 Calella-17 Calella-16 Calella-25 Calella-13

I am a big lover of travelling and seeing new places, but this little beauty is a place I know that we will return.  Calella-20 Calella-19These 3 faces make me smile. I am thoroughly blessed to be able to laugh, joke, make memories and experience life with them.Calella-21 Calella-23 Calella-28 Calella-24

Fish Feeding  – the highlight of every day. Calella-27 Calella-35 Calella-30 Calella-34 Calella-33 Calella-37 Calella-36 Calella-40 Calella-41 Calella-43 Calella-44 Calella-47 Calella-48 Calella-50 Calella-51 Calella-52 Calella-54 Calella-55 Calella-56 Calella-58

On the last day our lovely hosts kicked us out early doors (they had a flight to catch before us). Before sunrise early doors. It turned out to be quite actually because we got to watch the sunrise.  Me and Jim spent the morning at the beach and then did the little coastal walk to the next town Calella-59 Calella-60 Calella-62 Calella-63

I think that its brilliant that we only  live a 2 hour flight journey from places like this. It makes going more frequent easy 😉


Happy Monday xx

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