Anyone starting a business gets my vote – because it’s not always easy. It’s even harder when you have little ones to look after as well. But I think it is so great to see people do something they love and start to make things happen from it.

I met Danielle a few years ago now, when I documented her wedding (here). We hit it off from the start and have stayed in contact ever since. Danielle is such a creative person. Her wedding was fabulous and her home is just the same. She has projects all over the house that she so easily creates – my favourite is the teepee she made for the nursery – it’s fair to say she is a natural creative type. She has been planning this business for a little while now and I’ve been so excited to see her launch it.  Deluxe blooms is a faux flower service. It is a hire service with the most beautiful hand-picked selection on offer.

Head on over to her site to browse the full collection – here are just a few to tempt you.


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