Your planning your wedding and your have a thousand different things going on at once. The last thing that you will be thinking of is, do you feed your photographer?  I mentioned in my last blog that I send my couples Q&A before hand to discuss details. One of the questions I ask is if a meal will be provided.  No one is under any obligation to, but, giving your photographer a heads up before just let’s them prepare. If you can feed us a hot meal – believe me, we’re happy people. We start the day early and finish late, usually without really taking a break – sometimes we have to remember to get water throughout the day! So providing us with a hot meal keeps us going. However, if you don’t want to thats fine. But once we know we can then bring our own 😉

People also ask if we keep shooting during the wedding breakfast, everyone differs on this, but for me, not really. I try and get a few candid shots of the room full and people at dinner. But for me it’s only a couple of pictures. When you break here, so do I. I have a quick recap of where I am at photowise. Recharge physically and get prepared for speeches or the evening part of the day.  It also helps if we aren’t seated with guests. It’s such a lovely gesture when it does happen but that break between the day allows us to get sorted and ready for the next part.

So, if you’re wondering if you feed your photographer – in short – yes (if you want to!).If not, just let them know.


Happy Thursday people.