Today we celebrate our favourite little human turning 2! TWO! I know that people say ‘I don’t know where the time has gone’, but  I do. It’s been two years of learning, laughs, smiles, giggles, easy days, hard days. Lazy summer days, a few poorly days, days that you burst with love and days that you take for granted.

But the more you grow, the more I see you. The person you are turning into. You smile with your eyes, you laugh hard and you chat more about dinosaurs than I’ve ever known anybody else to. You genuinely make us the happiest we’ve ever known and you make other people around you smile. Ezzie Boo, Boozle, Ezra, Ez, Happy Birthday.

Just like the words from our favourite book:

Ezra, I wish you laughter, and long summer days without end. I wish you you rainbow and roundabouts and a big bunch of loyal true friends. I wish you courage and kindness and nothing but blue skies above. But Ezra, much more than all of these things, I wish you ooodddles of LOVE.

Happy birthday sweet boy. Thank you for making me a mum.