Ok ladies, I wanted to share a blog  on how to get better bridal prep images. We all know how fast a room gets messy, really messy when you have a group of girls all getting ready together. So I’d thought I’d share a few tips from experience over the years on how to keep the room functional throughout the preparations to make sure that we don’t have pictures that are full of stuff everywhere in the background.

How to get your best bridal pictures

My style of photography is not documentary alone, it is a lifestyle blend with a clean and natural aesthetic, not over posed and fake, just clean. So to achieve  that look there are a few things that we can do,because presumably you dig the same feel.

1: Brief the girls before hand that we want to try to keep it as fresh looking as possible, and to have little half an hourly whip round to keep on top of everything.

2. Let them know that only the essentials need to be in the room –  leave coats, bags for the next day, any unneeded items in another room. Any food that’s been ordered and finished with – ask room service to take it away or if at home – just take it to the kitchen/another room where you are not getting ready.

3. Choose the room with plenty of  natural light. This will benefit your make-up artist as well.


4. Have everything already laid out. Jewellery that you are wearing, shoes, perfume, any details. And of course your dress! That way everything is ready and in order and all the unneeded packaging can be taken somewhere else.

5. Give yourself as much time as possible. This helps us ensure that we have more time for un-rushed portraits before hand.

6. Get everyone dressed before the bride. Especially the person who is helping you get into your dress. You want a cohesive feel to whole day and having someone in PJ’s whilst you are in your gorgeous gown doesn’t fit too well. Unless of course you have pretty dressing gowns or something to that effect. \


Being able to shoot up close and far away with as fewer distractions as possible is the best way to ensure cohesive images that start the day of right. I hope that these help you have more confidence when you’re at that part of the day.