If I asked you to dress outside for your bridal preparation, would you?  A couple of weeks ago I shot Tom & Steph’s wedding in Belize and the bridal party were getting ready in Tom & Steph’s room which was this amazing Balinese inspired villa. Which being Balinese inspired meant that even though it was beautiful, it was dark.Very dark. Especially when the wind protectors are down. And after you have 7 or eight girls getting ready in the mix, the space can become very quickly cluttered.


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I asked Steph if she would consider getting dressed outside, for three reasons:

1 – There was more space for her 5 bridesmaids to help.

2 – Visually, it kept in with the setting and was not cluttered in items.

3- The light was SO beautiful &  SO much lighter than being inside.

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Steph said yes and the results were gorgeous! We had the most beautiful light and they looked so good being outside. All the girls had space to dress her and move around in the most badass of locations. Trust between us, or whichever photographer you use is an amazing thing and will always yield the best pictures.

If you’re photographer asks you to move to a location they think would be better, do give it  good think. They know what they are doing and honestly only want to create the best picture for you.


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Happy Thursday xx