I’m up this morning after having fed Ezra. Normally I’d catch some extra zz’s whilst he did but I then some times end up chasing my tail and struggle a tad to find the time to have a little bit of the day for me. Which I totally don’t mind, but I kind of felt like this morning I did want that time. Make sense?

I’ve been thinking about my word for 2018. I didn’t even know this was a thing until I read a few people talking about theirs and actually I quite like the idea, a bit of a goal or mantra to take me through the year. I struggled to settle on one to be honest, just because I feel like to many could be a good fit, but I’ve chosen gratitude. I want to be honestly and genuinely grateful for this beautiful like that I live. I’m by far not the richest, but I have my health, my family, my friends. I have a home where I love to spend my time. I have a  business that allows be to be creative and connect with the most wonderful of people. I can to take holidays. And then there are the simpler parts, the bits that we over look, like having peace of mind. Cupboards full of food. Heating. Feeling safe where I live. All of this I know sounds cliché, totally cliché, but it’s bloody true isn’t it? These simple things that we take for granted some people are hoping for.

So yes, my word for this is gratitude because I want to be truly thankful everyday.

Do you have a word? Is this even a real thing? 😉

Happy Thursday people.