I’m baffled as to how we already got to the end of 2018! It seems like only a moment ago this year was starting and here we are now, about to ring in a new one. But, even though I can’t get my head round it, it’s happening and I do actually quite like this time of year to reflect. To look back at how the years been and I can honestly say its been a great one, mainly because of Ezra, but also because of the people in it. The people in my life. The couples I get to meet  and the families I get to work with. Just like everyone else, we’ve had our share of struggles, the health of one my favourite people in the world took a bit of a hit, but we are more committed than ever to make 2019 the year of health.

I’ve had the privilege of working with super talented suppliers from my industry, people who make me want to strive for more and step it up a level.

Ezra, ah, this kid! This little love of mine as cliché as it sounds makes me want to be better every day. I want to spend more time with him and find myself looking at his face a little longer. I’m fully leaning on the advice of others who say the years go fast and I’m planning on soaking up all the moments. The good the bad and the ugly. I also can’t let this year go by without saying a little thank you to my husband. He’s the one that really spures me on.I cant count the amount of times he’s lifted me when I needed it, helped me and just all round  the other half of me.

I’m taking a word into 2019 with me. It’s simplicity. I’m simplifying it all, because who needs the clutter?! I mean it in a literal sense, like my house things and clothes, in business terms – taking out all the fluff in my setup so that the experience  can really shine through and go to the next level. Food and health, I’m getting super clean and healthy and finally getting my body back to being strong.

Thank you if your reading this for following along with me, I appreciate it more than you know. Here is to a fabulous New Year – let’s make 2019  the best one that we’ve had so far!

xxx Natasha xx