I realised something quite recently – that I don’t want to be the busiest photographer. What!? Yup. That’s right – I don’t. But how can you ever be a professional if you’re not shooting a gazillion a year? Easy. My limit to how many weddings I want to document a year is 23-25. I’m not quite sure why that particular figure, but there or there about’s suits me fine. For some people I can see them rolling their eyes now – how do you survive on 23-25 weddings a year.  Why don’t you want to be booked every weekend?



Life is full of so many people, different goals, ambitions and different needs. I know that I need to spend time with family and friends because it makes me able to do  my job – something that I love. I need time with my people, to soak up life and all its goodness, so that I see it in yours. I know that the wedding world is pretty seasonal, but life isn’t. Well technically it is, but what I’m saying is that it doesn’t stop for the summer months. People don’t stop ageing during the summer. You don’t get to spend that time again later on.  My work will always be second to the people I love. Always. For me it can’t work any other way.  But I’m made up of everything that I feel. I see love and connections and moments because I feel them first.



If you are  looking for a wedding photographer for next year, take a look at my main website – www.natashacadman.com if you know someone who is, spread the word. There’s not too many dates left. This year has been epic, next years couples are in for a treat. A total treat.