Without the little machine I use, that helps me share what and how I see things, there are so many people in my life, that I would have probably never met.  For whatever reason, working for them, with them   – sometimes both – I have had the pleasure to meet the most brilliant of people. People who inspire me, push me, believe in me and are just are *pure* enjoyment to me around.


One of these people is Laura. Crazy Laura. Vintage Laura. Jimmys Laura. We met years ago when we got together to do a shoot. Our first one together, when my Jim was our model! From there we’ve done a load more – but Jim stopped being our model. I shot her wedding. We’ve had nights out together. Dinners together. Got drunk together. Laughed a hell of a lot together. And  have just had some pretty great times. Over the last 8 months (give or take a week or 2) she has been with bump. Well in fact she still is, 5 more weeks and we get to meet him. Every pregnancy is amazing. But, when you have seen your friends struggle at getting this far, it makes getting to 8 months all the sweeter.

Last week we got together and took some bump shots.

Laura, you look amazing and I know that you and Jimmy are going to make *the* most incredible parents.

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