When I stepped in to the girls house, the girls were well prepared. The champagne was ready to be popped and girls were being beautified! Angela started the day getting ready at her mums house and then went to her Grandma’s where she met the rest of the bridesmaid and got into her dress.

This is Angelas niece with her grandma taking a little peak at her getting ready. I love how excited she looks.

When Angela was dressed and was about to come out and show the girls, her Grandad started playing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers marry in June and it was enough to set off everyone crying. You see this is one of favourite musicals and, and marrying in June herself it was perfect.

The ceremony was full mass and was held at St Annes in Keighley. I’ve never been inside before and it was absolutely beautiful.

I love this frame below.

After Mass we were able to get some shots outside, but only a couple, as it didn’t take long for the dry weather to turn into a downpour.

The evening reception was held at Steeton Hall, where the guests where treated to a fabulous first dance, and then a hog roast feast to follow. The weather had dried up by this point, so we took the opportunity to sneak in some more portraits.

Angela – you are beautiful!