Leeds Branding Photography.

I’m a Leeds business owner who has been running Natasha Cadman Photography for over a decade, in that time how I’ve connected with my audience has changed so much. From social media to newsletters and creating constant content, what I know is that no longer can you sit on the sideline. Running a business, spinning all the plates, wearing all the hats – it sometimes leaves you with less time to focus on investing in fresh content. It goes way down on the to do list, almost the same as self care does. But, the truth is it’s needed. Whatever business you are in, content is now key and showing up to connect with your audience is key. Whether that is via the gram, your blog, newsletter – where ever you are connecting with your audience engaging connect is key.

Now, I will be the first to say that everything that anything can be done by yourself at home. Product shots, headshots – anything can be done. But, there Is definitely a place to have someone do all of that for you. It’s not just about the camera that’s owned, but it’s about the person behind it. I take my approach to branding like I do with the rest of my business. I want to cultivate an environment that is super relaxed and fun, so that I get to see your best self and then create a session that is stylish and editorial.

Your images just connect you with your audience and your ideal client. You should be proud to use them and excited to create some scroll stopping content.

So, how do you know which branding session you need?

Think about what you currently have in your portfolio. Are you using a lot of the same content again and again? Have your products changed? Has your business had a redesign? Are the images you are using from your honeymoon 7 years ago?? 😉 If that’s you, I would say that a full branding shoot is for you. A full branding shoot if for the person that is up-levelling big time and wanting to really let their ideal client see them, their business and the inner workings of it.

If you have content that you care still getting through but you just want some simple headshot touch points on a regular basis, or cashflow is not as fluid as you would like, then the Elevate monthly branding sessions would be a great fit.

If you want more details check out my branding page here and the monthly branding page here.

And if you have any questions at all, just drop me an email.


Tasha x