Lessons from 2019.


I was going through my notepad which has become a sort of journal too – its my go to  – the place where I get my thoughts out of my head and pop them on to pages.

I found a section in there headed 2019 lessons, so,  pre-pandemic and I was pleasantly surprised at what I had wrote – they were lessons that I felt in my bones before I had my second child. Before the world came to a standstill. Before I wasn’t allowed to work because of the standstill. Before every way we lived was challenged. It actually made me smile because If I was to write my lessons down for 2020 or 2021 they would be the same:

  • That a slick system is needed in home, personal, parenting and businesses.
  • That burn our happens when you are not in alignment
  • Health is our biggest wealth
  • Patience is a virtue
  • That I need a team. It takes a village to raise a child and help to run a business.
  • Bottling up isn’t healthy and comparison really is the thief of joy.

lessons from 2019

What I need to do know is use these as building blocks to remind myself WHY I am working the way I am. Re-evaluate where am I spending my time  – am I using it wisely?  because its one of the most precious things I have. Is my business lighting me up – or do I need to let some things go and bring some things in? Am I slowing down enough? Yep you read that right. I feel so strongly that slowing down get’s you massively into flow. When you become intentional  with your time you operate at a different level and things just flow easier. Ive had enough of going abasing the flow. Ive been a multitasker for years, thinking that I was working smart. But actually, I think it leads to be being a little burnout and takes the joy away – and they are two things I don’t want.

So friend, what are the lessons  you’ve learnt from the previous parts  or years of life, business or parenthood? Can you use them to help shape this year going forward into your most fulfilling one yet?

” And just like the moon you will go through phases. Of light. Of dark and everything in between. And though you may not always appear with same brightness, you are always whole”.