Sometimes I get the urge to put fingers to the keyboard and type, but that back away because of thinking that no one will be bothered to read. The penny how dropped and I realise that it doesn’t matter if anyone reads and comments or not. I started blogging for me, so that’s where I want to go back to. So here I am 1030pm midweek rambling, for no other reason than that I want too.

I was pretty sure whist pregnant that when he/she arrived there would be no illuminous kids toys that didn’t match the decor. Id still be going to the gym, I’d be able to stay on top of my business, yada yada yada. The truth is the first few weeks of having a newborn floor you a little and adjusting takes time. Simple things like learning to get out the house on time turn into a military like operation. And yes, you let some illuminous objects take over your house.

But you also learn because you have no other choice that like it or not your priorities change. You go on the back burner whilst you give all your attention to this amazing little human that you are both trying to understand and learn about, whilst as the same time instinctively know everything about. Mum guilt comes in waves and tiny nudges whilst you try not to compare yourself to others.  But, in the midst of all this you realise you’ve never been happier and that all of it is very much, so massively worth it.

Ezra is now in his 11th week and I feel like he’s always been here. Or maybe thats just how it feels when you’ve known someone since before they were even born. Christmas is coming around fast and I really want to slow down and soak alllll of it with my little love. I want to watch him get loved on by family and start little traditions of our own. Here’s to the Christmas countdown and slowing down.