It seemed like she was taking forever to arrive – and I wasn’t even the one pregnant with her. But she did. In her own casual time, she arrived and she was perfect. You always wonder what their little faces are going to look like and then you see them and it’s like you already know. It’s strange.

Little Ava, or not so little at 8lb 10 arrived last week, she is my newest niece and is already known for her crazy amount of hair. Yesterday we took some pictures, just to remember the early days, the littleness , the sleepiness and the newness. She is already the perfect addition to the family and has effortlessly lodged herself into the middle of our love. So here is her blog debut; little Ava. 

Ava-Newborn_ Ava-Newborn_-2 Ava-Newborn_-3 Ava-Newborn_-4 Ava-Newborn_-5Ava-Newborn_-6 Ava-Newborn_-8 Ava-Newborn_-7 Ava-Newborn_-9 Ava-Newborn_-10 Ava-Newborn_-11 Ava-Newborn_-12 Ava-Newborn_-14 Ava-Newborn_-16 Ava-Newborn_-17 Ava-Newborn_-18 Ava-Newborn_-19 Ava-Newborn_-21 Ava-Newborn_-24 Ava-Newborn_-23 Ava-Newborn_-25 Ava-Newborn_-26 Ava-Newborn_-27 Ava-Newborn_-28 Ava-Newborn_-29 Ava-Newborn_-30 Ava-Newborn_-31 Ava-Newborn_-33 Ava-Newborn_-34 Ava-Newborn_-35 Ava-Newborn_-36 Ava-Newborn_-37

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