Location ideas for branding shoots can be a really overwhelming idea and often be part of the reason as to why we never take the next step to getting one done. Don’t worry, I am here to give you a ton of ideas of locations from free to hiring. Remember the location is not the important think here – you are. But locations that make you and your brand stand out is nothing but a win win.



A lot of times I feel like we as business owners, feel obliged to shoot in our home if that’s where we work from and if you have a setting that you feel represents your brand – absolultley – if you don’t then don’t feel that pressure  – there are a ton of other options out there for you. So when thinking about whether or not you want to shoot at home think about the following:

Does your home represent you and your business? Sure this is where you call home but is that the same style as your brand?

Do you have to put a ton of effort into getting it shoot ready – this may or may not be an issue?

What kind of light do you have at home – is it light and bright or are you ok with darker images If thats the case.



Who doesn’t love a good coffee and a gorgeous looking cafe to boot! They can offer so many great options to give your brand a lifestyle feel and inject a little bit of personality for it.

Restaurants & Hotels

Restaurants and hotels sit in the same camp as cafes but you’re probably going to be elevating the vibe slightly. Hotels so often have beautiful welcome areas and beautiful huge walls which lend us so much scope to shoot against. Restaurants give you that fresh edge. You’re going to have beautiful & stylish furniture and normally great natural light to boost your scene.


If you feel like home isn’t the place for you -why not hire an AirBNB and treat yourself to a sleep over after – making it fun!! You have the bonus of having the WHOLE place to yourself and you peace of mind that you will be walking into a fully cleaned ready to go house and you get to choose from a ridiculous amount of different spaces. If you feel like a sleepover is an over indulgence contact your host direct and see if you can get a cheaper rate by using the space on an hourly rate instead.


Studios are a great choice, the only downfall can sometimes be the hire charge. But I know a great one at a reasonable price which offers sooo many great options for a lifestyle shoot, so get in touch.  The canvas is generally blank so you get to put your entire stamp on to it.

Co – working Space.

This is a great go to for shoots and I have done this quite a few times. 9/10 they are going to be uber easy on the eye and have that lifestyle work feel down to a T. Also, there are so many great ones around with so many different aesthetics that will be easily able to fit your style.


Outside if your free easy go to! A range of different back drop – no rental fee’s and great light. This is a great base to start because it isn’t going to cost you anything extra.

Every month I run a branding session space shared by 5 women. It’s all location and a super affordable price of GBP50. If you want to get more information head over to my branding space here – or sign straight up here for the next one.

I hope this has given you a few more suggestions for location ideas for branding shoots. I also create tailored shoots for business owners  who need more than just touch points but something unique to them. Take a look at my branding page and lets talk.