Well, here we are back again in Lockdown – number 3. The second one felt ok because it was only for a month and his one feels worse than number 1 because we’ve been here before. But, if I’m being quite honest with myself, I’m ok with it. Sure on the face of it I share the same narrative as most people that it would be nice to be back to normal. We need to get back to normal. However, with two young children the landscape of my normal won’t be far from this anyhow – juggling life around eating and naps – and that’s for me  – not the kids ;-).


I’m trying to keep myself in a learning and rest mode as much as possible. Ive had the moments where it all feels a bit much. I cried when I thought Otto won’t have a regular 1st birthday. He’s spent so much of his 10 months so far getting snippets of his family which isn’t good enough. But on the plus side he has it his daddy at home permanently which he would have never had before, so you take the wins.

I’m trying to get creative when it comes to events. My mums birthday Is this week and instead of buying her a gift – well I did  – but its a jigsaw of my face 😉 I created some boxes. A birthday in a box if you will, that I have sent out to her family and we’re going to open on a zoom call. Ive added some drinks (Hendrick and Fevertree tonics), birthday cake, plates, napkins, candles, straws, custom forks and a some party fun that we can all enjoy via a zoom. So, that would never be happening really if I wasn’t being forced to think outside the box. I absolutely loved making them, it did cost more than just buying a present, but I thought sod it – we would have spent more on eating out.


These little entries will jog my memory in months to come of what we were actually doing with our days. Ive had to start getting some schedules in place to differentiate the days. Thursday mornings I now attend an online yoga class and on Fridays we do a kids class – at least I know when its the back end of the week if nothing else 😉 But like before, there is no way I’m counting down the days until we are out of this, because, this is life, this isn’t a dress rehearsal for the real thing and we have to make all the days count.