These last couple of months, I have had the chance to go to some amazing places, with brilliant people. Last month I went to Marrakech with some friends. I have wanted to go to Morocco for so long, so when the opportunity came up, I said yes in a flash. Even though Jim couldn’t make it.

Marrakech is a beautiful place, and the atmosphere is amazing.But I surprised myself. I didn’t have my camera  glued at my hip, and I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought. But, I  did do was enjoy every moment, and actually live them – not just from behind the lens.

We stayed in the prettiest Riad, which I could have easily taken residence as my permanent home.Marrakech-3 Marrakech-2The only thing that I was not keen on in Marrakech were the donkeys. I love animals, and seeing them in questionable states of healths was something I didn’t like. Marrakech-5 Marrakech-7Give me blue skies and palm trees and I’m happy.Marrakech-8Inside the souks were pretty amazing. So much chaos, but it all run’s smooth like a well oiled machine. I normally am not one for the haggling. But here the friendliness of the sellers made me enjoy it. I think I will struggle to pay full price for anything else again  😉 Marrakech-9Marrakech-61 Marrakech-63 Marrakech-10I am a lover of mint tea, so having it fresh like this was perfect. Marrakech-11The city is full of cats, who are all looked after and treated well by the people. You always see papers of food bits being placed for them.  People who know me, know I love my boys (2 cat brothers) so seeing little faces like this made me smile. And want to take them  home. Marrakech-12 Marrakech-13We spent a fair few hours in the souks and we came outside the market place really came into its own. Food vendors everyone. And, if you know me, you know I could always eat. Marrakech-14 Marrakech-15 Marrakech-17 Marrakech-18I am in love with the Moroccan interiors. Beautiful tiles and lights are everywhere. Marrakech-20 Marrakech-22 Marrakech-23 Marrakech-24

Marrakech-21 Marrakech-26 Marrakech-28Marrakech-34We took a trip to the Atlas mountains, and they did not disappoint. I loved them. They reminded me very much of the cover of ‘The Mountains Echoed’. Marrakech-30 Marrakech-31 Marrakech-32The crew!!!Marrakech-33 Marrakech-35This guy LOVED his camel. Marrakech-36 Marrakech-37 Marrakech-38 Marrakech-39 Marrakech-40 Marrakech-41 Marrakech-44 Marrakech-43 Marrakech-46 Marrakech-45 Marrakech-47 Marrakech-48 Marrakech-49 Marrakech-51 Marrakech-54 Marrakech-53Marrakech-55I love the depth of this image.

Marrakech-56 Marrakech-58Marrakech-57Marrakech-60Marrakech-64

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