Tuesday’s now find me in a cold workshop, dressed in dungarees trying to turn something on the wood lathe, or create something from the pile of reclaimed that is crying out for a project. I don’t know where  this new hobbie came from but it’s slowly burning into a passion. That’s how I spend the majority of my Tuesdays, but today it was half term so me and Ezra had a day together. We had a lie in until 8, a huge breakfast, then we walked to find the horses.

At the minute Ezra is horse obsessed. Along with his books. He wakes up and immediately says neigh, apple, books. We’ve created a horse loving bookworm! But I don’t mind one bit because he’s ridiculously cute. After we saw the horses we came home and had a huge lunch – then he napped. I know this sounds so cliché, but these simple days that we have completely fill me up. I have vowed to myself that from today I will not leave the house without my camera. I regretted it as soon as we left the house today and now that spring is starting to show everything is starting to look pretty. Real pretty.So if you meet me and I don’t have  – call me out. Unless I’ve just nipped to the shop then you can let it pass 😉

Running a business and being a mum don’t have to fight, you just need to remember what takes priority and that’s always going to be being a mum, for me anyway. I created a business knowing that I’d have a family and that’s the best thing about it, it’s mine and I can make it bend for me how I need. If I need days off we take them  – unless of course I’m booked in for work – then I don’t miss it.

I changed my instagram bio the other day it says:

Mama to Ezra. Creating a home & enjoying the simplicity of life. Photographing crazy beautiful days at @natashacadmanweddings

And right now those words sum me up, my word for the year was simplicity and that’s where I’m keeping my intention. How was your Tuesday friends. I hope you’ve done something to make you smile.

Oh and in other news, you know I always give you the heads up here first, my print shop is well on the way and you can follow it on instagram and Sand and Tide.

I hope that you are all having a lovely week friends and doing something to make you smile.