From the moment we met I secretly hoped that I would be their wedding photographer. Even though at the consultation I just met Dani and her mum, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this beautiful celebration she was putting together.

The first time I saw  Joe and Dani together was at their Engagement session, and right away I saw it. I saw them together. I feel blessed to be able witness up close what people share.

Middleton Lodge

Joe and Dani held their Wedding Day at Middleton Lodge. I love this venue. Apart from being gorgeous from the outside, its great inside too and the staff are fabulous.

Middleton LodgeJoe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-11I always knew that Dani’s dress was going to be fabulous. She is a creative type, who injected her own style into her gown. Simple. Chic. Timeless.Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-13 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-7Make- up and hair was done by Thembi Mkandla.  A superstar. Not only was she professional and fun – she made the girls look even more beautiful than they are. Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-8Dani’s hair piece was created by Victoria Walker Boutique.  The most amazing creations. Ever.Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-6 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-5 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-3Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-14 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-36 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-38Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-34

…… I don’t think we ever really  grow out of  our mums helping us with our shoes.

Middleton LodgeJoe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-33 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-40 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-42 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-16 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-17 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-15 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-44 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-46 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-47 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-48The first time they meet at the end of the aisle. Love.Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-49Little Lauren was so excited about the wedding day. But somewhere between prep and the ceremony,  dream land was calling her and she fell asleep. Like fast asleep. Snoring through the ceremony asleep. Got to love how cute she is! Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-54 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-52Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-55 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-56 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-58 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-57 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-59 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-65 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-66Gorgeous!Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-69 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-67 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-70 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-71 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-73 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-74 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-79 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-77 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-81 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-80 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-82 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-83My kind of people are the ones who are OK when it rains. Smiles keep coming, and so does the laughter. These are the kind of people that just chat away and get on the Steinway for a song. Or two. Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-88 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-89 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-90 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-63The Wedding Breakfast room was decorated in simple pastels with fresh flowers for the table. Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-25 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-21 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-61 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-24 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-28 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-26 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-92 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-93 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-94 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-95Mr & Mrs Bolser!Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog.-8The speeches were as they should be. Embarrassing. Emotional. Heartfelt and funny.Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog.-11 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog.-13 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog.. Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog..-4 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-108 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog..-7After dinner I got a few more family shots. Mainly because Lauren was now awake. Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog..-6 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-103This picture could be one of my favourites from the day. I love how cute Lauren looks ‘playing’ tennis with her dad. Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog.-2 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog. Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-104 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-106The First dance was romantic and sweet, and was quickly followed by a full dance floor or party people!! Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-112 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-107 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-109 Joe-and-Danielle-Wedding-Blog-113Joe and Dani – thank you for an amazing day! Thank you for letting me document a part of your love! xx

N x

If you would like to see more from their wedding day – check out their personalised website. Here. 

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