So, you have your business up and running, but now you need imagery for your content. Is it time you hired a professional to help you out?  Let’s take a look.

We all know that the costs of setting up and starting your own business don’t really leave much left over. They really don’t. It can take everything you have to get things going, especially when your business is product based. You’ve probably invested everything into making the actual product what it is and then creating the packaging to match your brand to attract your ideal client.


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The idea of spending money on photography and a website seems a little extravagant, I get it. However, let’s just look at how we shop currently as consumers. The majority of consumers make a decision about your brand, directly from your website in under 15 seconds. 15 SECONDS. Tops. That is not a lot of time to convince them they need you and what you have to offer.

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Photography and websites go hand in hand. Like eggs and avocado. Strawberrys and cream. They need each other. There is no point in having slick branding an a new website that doesn’t load right and displays rubbish images. Equally there is no point in just having great images if you have no proper infrastructure for them to be seen to do their job.

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Another thing to consider is that to take photos of high quality they then need to be processed, which equals more software, more learning, more time. More time taken away from you actually marketing and attracting your clients which is essential to keeping ANY business afloat. The exact same principles apply for creating your own website. Sure it’s doable, but it’s also very time consuming – again, more time that could be spent getting your clients to see you. 


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I recently did a product shoot for Myrtle and Maude. A Yorkshire based company who  have a passion for natural and organic ingredients;

our recipes have helped mums-to-be for over three generations, using values handed down from our grandmothers Myrtle & Maude.

They wanted the shots to be more lifestyle so they could be used across their social media, to attract their ideal client and start conversations around their products. Julia and Matt, the dream-team behind the brand, know the importance and value of their time, which is why they hired me to produce some content for them, so they can focus on the running of their business instead.

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You can see more of their fabulous range here – and here

If you have a small business and would like more details on how to get product, lifestyle or headshots for your business get in touch and let’s see how we can get imagery to take your business to the next level, save you time and give you quality content.

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Equally, if you are in need of a website, check out   who will be able to get your online game right 😉