The roots of this business without me even knowing have always been built on the connection of people. Between me and them/you. My clients, my couples, connecting with people is the main reason I love what I do.  Not long ago I had the pleasure of shooting some images for Myrtle & Maude, a small company ran by Matty & Julia who create products for mum’s to be with morning sickness. Not only are they the founders  of creating  fab products, they themselves are pretty great people and it was an absolute pleasure to help them get some images for their businesses.

Myrtle and Maude pregnancy

Running a business is not the easy option. It ain’t a walk in the park, there are high times and very much low ones – so when I can be onboard and rally round people who are putting all their efforts in – count me in! Myrtle & Maude is a product that is made up of them, their heritage and experiences.

They produce in small hand crafted batches –  teas, bon bons and acupuncture wristbands to help wade off the morning sickness feeling that can happen to so many mum’s to be.  Take a little look around their site here – especially if you need a little something to help with the mornings.

Oh, and Julia, drives the cutest vespa. Ever.

Myrtle and Maude pregnancy

If you are a mum, or one to be, head over to there instagram, and learn about other mums in the same situation and get some inspiration.