Newborn Photography Leeds. 

Let me introduce you to Penelope, a  fresh bundle of newness. It was so lovely to be welcomed into their Danielle & Ben’s home for their shoot along with  the family cat 😉 Danielle and Ben were so natural and relaxed in front of the camera and made it a pleasure to be their to document those early days.

Do I ever tire of a tiny newborn in a fresh white onesie? Nope, not at all. I love it. People ask a  lot how a shoot works and this is basically it in a nut shell. I turn up, we have a little chat, I scout the house for the best light and start photographing your little family, easy. If you need to stop to feed & change that is absolutley fine. In fact if the baby needs or wants either of those there is no point trying to carry on without it because they will soon let us know!!!

I now send out a little Q&A t before the shoot to get a feel of what’s important and a few boundaries that you feel ok with. Those early days can be a mix of emotions and I don’t ever want to presume you’re ok with something you might not be.

I also documented a video for Danielle and Ben, which is something I am currently adding to my portfolio slowly. That being the case I have it an introductory price at the moment which is  £175 when you purchase a full session, or £200 for a stand a alone. Get in touch if you’d like some more information – or have a look at my newborn and family site here –

There is a look a sample of the  video at the bottom of this blog to give you a taster, which is about 30 seconds long, but the full videos are around 3 minutes and you can check out more shoots like this one here. 

Have a fab Wednesday,

Natasha x

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