It’s great how photography can bring me  back in touch with people I haven’t seen in years. A few weeks ago I met up with Lucy an old school friend, her husband Mark and their fabulous new addition Matilda.  It feels pretty special to document precious parts of people’s lives and there are a few things more brilliant I imagine that your first baby.


Matilda’s outfits were adorable – she already has an enviable wardrobe. Pairing this with her mum’s sequin bed accessories and I was in newborn photography heaven. For me, personally I like to document newborn shoots in real environments, with real elements of their lives.  And what better place to start than with her mum and dad, in the room where she will spend endless nights no doubt snuggled with them.


Lucy & Mark you were sooooo easy to work with – thank you! . Thank you for  trusting me to document how I do best and for just super relaxed, which made for a happy Matilda as well.


Here are just a few from our shoot. The style creative_1568 The style creative_1574 The style creative_1570 The style creative_1572 The style creative_1569 The style creative_1571 Newborn photography Leeds The style creative_1577 The style creative_1578 Newborn photography Leeds The style creative_1576 The style creative_1582 The style creative_1580 Newborn photography Leeds The style creative_1579 The style creative_1575 The style creative_1584The style creative_1603The style creative_1606The style creative_1586The style creative_1604 Newborn photography LeedsThe style creative_1610 The style creative_1587 The style creative_1590 The style creative_1589 The style creative_1591 The style creative_1592The style creative_1609 Newborn photography Leeds The style creative_1588 Newborn photography LeedsThe style creative_1605 The style creative_1597The style creative_1608 The style creative_1596 Newborn photography LeedsThe style creative_1607

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