On the 20th February we welcomed our gorgeous new addition to the family, Otto. He came into the word speedily in under an hour with no fuss, weighing a not too bad 9lb 1oz. I did wonder how I would feel, having  to love another child like I would Ezra, but it’s true what they say, you just do. You don’t share anything, it’s all just doubled. It’s lovely to see their little relationship developing day by day. Ezra loves him, but can be a bit heavy around him, so we find we have to have eagle eyes on him all the time 😉

As usual the mum guilt steeps in, am I feeding him enough, is he awake enough, asleep enough, breathing enough!! All the usual mum worries, but this time I’m ultimately way more relaxed, trusting myself more and know that he might not be the same type of baby to Ezra and that’s absolutley fine, he’s his own little person and we might do things a little differently this time round.

My little man is 6 weeks today and is pure enjoyment. Having Jim at home as well because of the virus has actually been soooo good for us. It’s meant that I can focus on nursing whilst Ezra plays with Jim (around work) and that I get to catch up on my sleep in the morning, so I’m taking all the silver linings.

Being a mum of two now,  is also totally making me re-access my whole business. My why. My wants. My how. But for now, whilst I’m on maternity leave, I’ll be enjoying myself wrapped in nursing, nappies, baby smiles  and figuring all this love out.

I actually can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get him on the blog, but I suppose that’s parenthood – nothing quite goes to plan with these little people.So, welcome to the world Otto, we love you!


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