365 days  ago today we were on the beach with our favourite people. The sun was scorching and sea was shining blue. I walked down the path towards the beach and felt nothing but excitement. No nerves, not one. I didn’t cry. I had no second thoughts. I just walked with my dad on my arm towards Jim and can’t remember many other times that quite match that feeling.


We talked last night about if we would have done anything differently for our wedding and we both agreed no, with big silly smiles on our faces. Because every time we think of our wedding day we can’t help but smile. The weather, the food, the drinks, the views, the good times. But most importantly and this is the best one,  the people. It’s bitter that we’ll never have them probably all together in the same place again, but oh so sweet that we had the privilege  to have them all their at one moment in our lives.


So here is to our first anniversay, back in the little place we love, me, Jim and our little bump. May we have many, many more.

Pictures by Pedro Bellido.