Phylecia Sutherland Modern Calligraphy.

The reason that I love photographing small businesses is because I love being around creatives. I love how people turn passions and hobbies into something more, something that they can make a living from and create a platform to share their talents with other people. And, when they are truly amazing at what they do it makes it all the better.

I recently worked with Phylecia Sutherland for one of her calligraphy workshops and it was such a lovely experience. I used to dabble with calligraphy myself for a few years but I quickly realised that there was so  much more to learn. The same way I change my settings when I’m shooting without even thinking, Phylecia’s hand glides across the page making beautiful words in an effortless way.  The class itself was also brilliant. The students, who were a range of ages, backgrounds, stages of life and gender got a real treat when then entered her studio, which is set in her beautiful Victorian home. The fire is lit, the room is super light and the table is set with flowers. You have your own little work station set out with ink, your tools and paper.

The reason for shoot was to have more images of the studio but mainly for more images of Phylecia working. As artists it can be really hard to get pictures of you working in situ without having someone there to take them for you! So booking a shoot is the perfect way to get around that and of course it goes beyond that, to  help you really tell a story of what your clients can experience.

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