Wedding at East Riddlesden Hal

Last year ( I know, a looong time ago) on a beautiful September weekend I second shot for my friend Lissa. We documented a wedding with the ceremony in Howarth and  the reception at East Riddlesden Hall. Second shooting is always fun and this wedding was no exception. Not only that, but it also got a feature in the latest edition of Your Yorkshire Wedding, which was fab because that meant that  I was not only featured in that edition with my own feature wedding but also second shooting. Which makes for a very happy me.

Here are a few of my shots from the day. You can see more of mine in the magazine as well 😉


Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-5 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-6 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-4 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-3 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-9 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-8 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-12 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-10 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-14 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-21 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-24 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-18 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-16 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-17 Second-Shooting_Haworth_Bronte_East_Riddlesden_Hall-23