Who do you shoot for, when you are documenting a wedding?


It’s a valid question. For me the answer is a mix, but always first and foremost – your couple. The reason why the whole day is taking place. The people who trusted in your talented and wanted you to document their day.



It’s quite easy to be side tracked and think of things that look good for your blog, maybe to get published or  things along that lines. But you have to think of what your couples want to see. Details of the day are great, they look great in albums and blogs love them.  These are just my thoughts, but I’m a believer that it’s the people, more than anything that your couple wants to see. People who they choose to come celebrate with them  – having a brilliant time. Laughing. Watching. Enjoying the experience.  For me this is something I have learnt. The more confident I have grown with my work, the more I’ve trusted myself, I’ve found that what pushes my comfort zone the most – but what my clients really appreciate and enjoy is yes, documenting the details they have put a lot of thought into  – but it’s  the people. The ones that they love. Seeing them is what makes them smile.

How to shoot for your clients


How to shoot for your clients



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