Wedding Photography Photo Lists



It’s scattered all over the magazines, Pinterest, wedding blogs – a trillion pictures you MUST have at your wedding. It’s the kind of list when handed over that we, (photographers) give a little shudder at. There is a strong chance that you have chosen your photographer for a couple of main reasons:

  1. You love their style
  2. You like & trust them


I know, because I am planning my own,  how important it is to you, to have amazing pictures. You are putting in so much time and effort creating an experience for your guests and you want to see the whole day unfold. So this is why I say no  to handing your photographer a full A4 sheet of  ‘must have shots’.  When you hand that over to them you are basically saying I love your style, I like you, but I don’t trust you. And you see trust – that’s the biggest one for us. Our creativity blossoms when we are trusted.  We shoot more intuitively (or, I know I do) when I can document the day unfolding as a I see it. If I am handed a sheet that says – picture of bride getting dressed – that indicates to me, that you don’t trust me to document your day, the way I  would my own.


French Chateau Wedding

Now, don’t get me wrong, there may be specific shots that you want. For example, one of your friends is travelling from overseas and you really want a picture with them. Or, you’re wearing a bracelet that was handed down from your Grandma. This kind of thing – yes, give to me. In fact I ask for any extra shot information  like this.  My job as your wedding photographer is to document your day, in the way that it flows. And, trusting me to do this will really make for amazing pictures.



Happy Wednesday.


N. xx