Wedding days are packed full of goodness and are so fast paced.  That would be the most common thing that I hear from Brides & Grooms, that they can’t believe how fast it has gone. Through the day there are so many great parts and then there are the few that really pop out at you.  One of them for me is that beginning bit of the ceremony, when the bride arrives at the end of the aisle. In those few seconds so many emotions are exchanged and from where I get to stand, I’m allowed to witness it all 😉 The parents watching on – their babies all grown up. The nerves beautifully balanced with excitement. The groom stealing glances of her. Her feeling the eyes of everyone looking, admiring how fabulous she looks. But best of all it’s the absolute rush of happiness, it’s pretty special to see.


Last year I document the wedding of Gareth and Sarah, some really thoughtful, fun and good looking folk 😉 I asked Sarah if she could share her thoughts and she quite happily agreed.

I didn’t think I would get emotional during the ceremony and Gareth and I had joked beforehand that the likelihood of either of us crying was slim to none. Whilst I didn’t cry I certainly felt really overwhelmed with emotion when I walked into the room and was shaking by the time I got to the end of the aisle and Gareth grabbed hold of my hands to calm me down. I think there is something really special about walking into your chosen venue on your wedding day and seeing that all of the planning and details have come together and resulted in you being in a room full of the people that you love and that love you. The first person I saw was actually my heavily pregnant close friend who had been colluding with Gareth the day before and who I hadn’t expected would be able to make it. That was definitely the point that I started to lose it. During the ceremony I found saying our vows out loud in front of our friends and family was far more poignant and meaningful than I had prepared for although I also felt like it was a special moment for Gareth and I and we were more specifically saying our vows to each other.
To my Bride and Grooms to come, savour this moment. Truly submerge yourself in the  happiness of everyone who is standing with you and cheering you on from the sidelines and the one who is standing with you, next to you,holding your hands.
Happy Tuesday